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Like all love affairs, there is a great story behind how they happened. Our founder and creator, Suzanne Joblonski, known in the social media world as BrickCityEmigree began coming to Newark in 2009 when she learned her favorite baseball player of all time was managing the now-defunct Newark Bears.

Suzanne is a huge baseball fan of a team that was known as the underdog and constantly berated in the media. She and her son have traveled extensively for games across the continent for games, so Newark was just a quick PATH ride away from New York, and there was no excuse not to go. Each time they went to games, they walked a different way and noticed that this was not the Newark they were seeing and hearing about on mainstream media. She decided to take photos and blog about her experiences, which were far more positive than negative. They ended up moving to Belleville in 2010 and her son became an employee of the team.

Newark Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium

On off days, they explored Newark in and out, while documenting what they found but otherwise had no other means to do so, because they found nothing in the media telling them that there were boat rides on the Passaic River, free concerts at NJPAC, art galleries, outdoor gardens and much more. Someone once told her she “should be an ambassador for Newark.” In 2016, while residing in a domestic violence shelter, she began to earnestly look into relocating to Newark since it had now become a familiar place with many opportunities for the taking. She also believes in “paying it forward.” The city had given her access to services and programming she could not obtain elsewhere. That April and right before the launch of the 350th celebration of Newark’s naming, she officially became a resident of The Brick City.

Suzanne cannot remember what she obtained first: a Newark Public Library Card or free membership at the Newark Museum, but she is a frequent patron of both to this day. Amping up her promotion and publicity of Newark and armed with her smartphone, she set out to document as much of the Newark’s highlights that were still not being reported on, despite the city celebrating a year worth of events that showcased the city at its finest. Along the way, she met a lot of great people responsible for making this city great, but wondered again who was telling the world about its marvels. She decided that she would, and would do it through her social media pages because this method has been proven to be the most effective and wide-spreading. Her following grows daily and thousands have come to rely on her sites for what’s happening in Newark and who makes it happen.

Suzanne’s previous background as a case manager, community liaison for an assembly member and a tireless advocate for people with disabilities and survivors of domestic violence served her well in knowing how to find resources the clients she was tasked with advocating for. Now she advocates for Newark. Her mantra, “In Newark for Newark.”

On March 13, 2017, Suzanne had an opportunity to meet and introduce herself to Mayor Ras Baraka. She made a promise to help him make this city shine. A week later she attended the Mayor’s annual State of the City speech. After Suzanne received a notification on her Facebook page about a reporter who was interviewing Newarkers who perpetuated the Newark she constantly heard about. This angered her because this was not what she was seeing and hearing at the Mayor’s speech. She invited the reporter to come back to Newark for a firsthand look at what she missed. The offer was never accepted, but Newark Centric City was now on a mission to fulfill that promise she made a week before — a promise that has not been broken and remains unwavering over a year and half later.